Arriving at the destination, France, Getting around town / Tuesday, November 20th, 2018


Great!  You have made the 61/2 hour trip on the plane, gotten off, and collected your luggage from baggage claim.

Next you are off to your destination-but how?

This can be the easiest part.   If you are going to Paris I have the best way to get there and get around town.  If you are going elsewhere in France, I have the best way to get to anyplace you want.  Here we go.

You’ve arrived in Charles de Gaulle Airport.  How to get to Paris?  First, you can take a regular taxi and struggle with the wheelchair or other device, or you can call a fairly new taxi service called G7. Their phone number from the US is 33-141272727.  You can also call them from the US to arrange your pick up from the airport in a very nice van equipped with a ramp for a wheelchair.   So convenient, so easy!

In addition, you can call and arrange for them to pick you up anywhere in Paris and take you anywhere you want to go (0141296699).   Their website is https://www.g7.fr/en/

You will also be able to book the taxi on their app.

This is a miracle addition to travel in Paris for the disabled and eliminates any excuse not to go.

Let’s say you are going to somewhere other than Paris and you need a ramp van to get around France. I’d recommend you contact Handynamic.  Contact information is Phone: +33(0) 3 28 555 111, Fax: : +33(0) 3 28 555 112, Website is www.handynamic.com , E-mail: contact@handynamic.fr

We have traveled all over Paris and France thanks to these services.


(By the way, if you are going to Italy contact Andrea Manduchi @Accessible Italy <andrea@accessibleitaly.com>Phone  +39.347.24.15.970, https://www.accessibleitaly.com/home_standard.htm)

As far as hotels are concerned there are many that are fine and will accomodate disabled travelers.  You just have to plan ahead.  The best one we’ve booked was the Marriott Champs Elysees.  It is a beautiful hotel, with huge rooms and roll in showers.  The Westin Paris on the Rue du Castiglione is also wonderful.  There is no mystery to finding others.  In fact, if you google accessible hotels you will find lists of them at your desitnation.

With G7 taxi service there is no longer any need to worry about location, although the two hotels I mentioned are both centrally located.

If you don’t have a roll in shower and have a bath with the wand type of handle, we have a little trick.  Most of the bathtubs are difficult to enter because of their size.  If you have a wand, which 99% do, you can avoid the danger of entering the bathtub by doing the following…

Buy yourself an inflatable  kiddie pool, around 30 » square.  When you arrive at your destination, you blow it up and place in front of the bathtub.  Get a chair from the room or request a shower chair from the hotel (most hotels have).  Place the chair in the little pool.  Use the wand to soak, soap up, and rinse off.   No problem!  There actually won’t be much water in the pool, so you can empty it in the bathtub and it will be ready for next time.  They are quite cheap, maybe $15, so you can just leave it in the hotel when you check out.


There are so many beautiful museums in Paris and if you enjoy fine art, you must spend time in as many as possible.

You can, in advance, get museum passes that will save you time and money when attending.  The passes are for 1 day, 3 days 5 days, etc.  They will include the Louvre, Musee D’orsay, L’Orangerie, Rodin and countless others.  You can purchase these passes on line in advance of going.  Just figure how many days and museums you want to go to and purchase the appropriate pass.  My personal favorites are the Musee D’orsay and Rodin.


It’s Paris, and there is no end to the great restaurants!  A good concierge at your hotel will take care of making reservations and making sure they are accessible.   I usually email the concierge in advance of my visit because I have certain favorite restaurants like Chez l’ami Louis, and others which are tough reservations.  No matter what the situation, it is always a good idea to email the concierge in advance so they can help you with the restaurants.   It’s a joy not to have to worry about that upon your arrival.

Paris is just a wonderful place to be-there is no more enchanting city on the planet.  Any time of the year is fine.  We have been there during the summer, spring, fall, and even in the winter at Christmastime.   There is no greater time than New Year’s Eve in Paris.  First go to dinner, then go see the Nutcracker or Sleeping Beauty at the Opera Bastille.  Then get down to the Pont Neuf (one of the bridges over the Seine) and watch the fireworks over the city and the Eiffel Tower.  Then you will know it’s all been worth it.



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